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Welcome to Ivy Beauty Provisions where we believe that beauty is more than just a look; it's a feeling of confidence, creativity, and self-expression by enhancing your natural beauty through the art of lash extensions. Our passion goes beyond stunning lash looks. We also empower aspiring beauty entrepreneurs through comprehensive training programs and fostering a supportive network where beauty professionals can connect.



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That enhance your natural beauty

Volume Lash Extensions:

Embrace the allure of voluminous lashes with ​expertly crafted volume fans, providing a fuller ​and more glamorous appearance.

hybrid Lash Extensions:

Experience the best of both worlds with a blend of ​classic and volume lashes, delivering a versatile ​and captivating lash style.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions:

Unleash your inner diva with Mega Volume lash ​extensions. Experience captivating fullness and ​intensity with ultra-fine layered lashes, making a ​bold statement that's sure to turn heads and own ​the spotlight.

lash and glow:

Our Lash & Glow Facial complements your lash ​extensions beautifully, ensuring your skin looks ​as radiant as your lashes. Indulge in this blissful ​combination of lash enhancements and ​personalized skincare, leaving you feeling both ​confident and glowing

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Leather Buff Cordovan Diamond Rivet Stud HD - 02
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Lash Statements

Define your look

Cat Eye (Volume)

Cat Eye Volume lash extensions offer a glamorous and captivating feline look. With longer lash extensions towards the outer corners, they create a winged effect, accentuating and lifting the eyes' shape. Embrace the allure of Cat Eye Volume for a mesmerizing gaze.

Mega Volume

Experience the boldest and most dramatic lash look with Mega Volume lash extensions. Achieve striking volume, fullness, and intensity with ultra-fine, lightweight lash extensions in dense, handmade fans. Embrace the show-stopping effect of Mega Volume lashes, glamorous and unforgettable.

Freestyle (Hybrid)

The lightweight and high-quality lash extensions used in Hybrid applications offer maximum comfort and longevity. You can enjoy the benefits of fuller, more defined lashes without compromising on comfort or natural feel.

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Leather Buff Cordovan Diamond Rivet Stud HD - 02

Join our

lash technician training program

At Ivy Beauty Provisions I'm thrilled to guide you on a rewarding ​journey into the world of lash extensions. Our comprehensive program ​empowers individuals with no prior experience to become skilled lash ​technicians. With hands-on training and top-notch lash products, you'll ​gain the expertise and confidence to excel in this fulfilling field. Under ​my guidance, you'll practice on mannequin beads and live models, ​honing your technique and mastering lash application. We foster a ​supportive and inclusive environment, where creativity thrives. Upon ​completion, you'll receive a certification, validating your achievements ​and opening doors to a successful career in lash artistry. Turn your ​passion for lashes and beauty into a profession. Enroll in our Lash ​Technician Training Program today and unleash your potential as a ​lash artist. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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